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Frequently Asked Questions

Country Club Hydroseeding is located in Ludlow, Massachusetts and has been serving the Western Massachusetts area for over 35 years!

  • How often do I need to water my new hydroseed?
    You will need to water your new hydroseeded lawn 2-4 times a day. A sprinkler system is recommended to keep your lawn healthy through its growing stage and as it matures. The first two weeks are critical, after two weeks you can water once a day in the morning. Do not water during the night. Check all areas to make sure that the water does not pool or run.
  • When can I safely walk on my newly hydroseeded lawn?
    Try to avoid walking on your new hydroseeded lawn as much as possible. Heavy traffic can cause damage to its growth. Make sure the ground is firm enough to hold your weight. Walk as flat as possible, avoid twisting, turning or dragging your feet.
  • What is Hydroseeding?
    Hydroseeding is the simple procedure of applying grass seed, fertilizer, mulch mix, tackifier and water in one liquefied application. Once the ground is prepared for hydroseed we come in and spray our mixture in a quick one step process and will be in and out before you know it.
  • How much does Hydroseed cost?
    Hydroseeding is sold by the square foot. Hydroseeding prices will vary depending on the size of the job and water availability. If it is a spot treatment job or small lawn under 4,500 square feet there will be a minimum charge. Contact us for a free quote.
  • When should I fertilize my Hydroseeded lawn?
    After 3 weeks your new lawn is ready and should be fertilized. Either hire a professional or go to your local home depot and pick up a fertilizer with no weed killer in it. Make sure you do not use weed killer on your lawn for at least 3 months.
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